The Lachrymal Sleep

by Ailment

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OyO DooM OccultA Voici du vrai Funeral Doom! Un excellent album! Ultra sombre et ultra dépressif! Pour les fans de Nortt, Mistress of the Dead... Juste MAGNIFIQUE! Une révélation qui figure déjà dans mon top funeral doom de 2017 Favorite track: Lost Days, Lost Life.
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released January 28, 2017

All music and lyrics by Michał Krzysiak.
Instruments recorded at New Aeon Music Studio by Michał Krzysiak.
Vocals recorded at New Aeon Music Studio by Michał Krzysiak.

Mixed and mastered by Michał Krzysiak.
Cover artwork by Michał Krzysiak.



all rights reserved


Ailment Lublin, Poland

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Track Name: Dogma
In a mind of child
I declare empty faith
In the will of saved life

I stitch memories in his back
Relics of his life
Every day new
Till the day of his death

I slit the veins
Counting drops of blood
Like the days of a transient life
Monotony of time closed in circle
Deflected weak skeleton persists
Putrefaction shows the nature of life
Track Name: Fragility of Faith
Let's begin this road
Born from feeling of life
Let's show old relics
Let show them their own fragility of faith

Drenched in sadness and disappointment
Prickly hope in heart
Selfishness, pride and longing for the unknown
Fleeing from irreversible fate
To blind hope before fall
Track Name: Invisible Canvas
With bowed head
Im sketching new plan
Looking like angel is drinking blood from my fresh wounds
Hate, anger, despair
a desire to fall, lust
Absorbs me completely

Im flicking hair but I don't see the face
Invisible canvas of outlined events
Next lines of the plan are like the days leading up to the end
Black lines are blurring together and form a black hole
A void that cannot be filled
Everything come back and go leaving behind emptiness
Track Name: Lost Days, Lost Life
So many years I build my own road
So many years I collected crop form days of my life
Every day left one day behind
Seeking to the next not paying attention to the present
Losing days I lost my life
Track Name: Over my Grave
Over me
I see only remains
Over me
The pollution is still alive
Over me
The death is my fate
Over me
They creating new creatures
Over me
Everything has its own way
Over me
I hear the steps of death
Over me
New fate is growing up
Over me
Nothing is alive
Over me
The cage is bigger
Over me
The death is the only way


Over me
Another fate is putrefying
Over me
Transform a word in act
Over me
Death makes life
Over me
Harmony was disturbed
Over me
Blind paths follow Blind hearts
Over me
Music is getting louder
Over me
Evil is getting bigger
Over me
Everything is "alive"
Over me
Everything going to me
Over me
Good appears with time
Track Name: Procession
Stepping on white road
I feel like chill’s enveloping my feet
Passing familiar faces
I rub my frozen hands
Slowly understanding
that I don't feel them any longer

Im joining the procession
of roam for beatless heart
For the fallen will, desire
Saying goodbay to my own life
Turned every days fate